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Electric drizzle

Frayed jeans and stained jacket Tickets British Rail logo want an open return? Do you want to return? Thank you, more expensive cos it's a weekend, endless monotone warmth from the Tannoy Newcastle stopping at Durham, Leeds - Pendolino service to London Euston, trolley service, possible embrace, cardboard coffee and Perrier water

Tourists platform, tourists satchel, pulled suitcase, diesel scent, unusual degree of bodyworn fleece carpets and flash of mirror image skin on glass in dark stubble of the gent rolling to other plains, sleepy glances, halo in a window, the reflection that watches back made white by airflow

I keep my hands by my sides at all times for mobile handset vibration, the junk-food mumble of shadows, etchings of craters at the edges, carriages falling away, slipping off tracks, lights blinking and bulbs breaking, humming, failing and dimming

Splashing of spectral aches every minute paranoia snaps and desire and thoughts cyclical motions snap from it ticket inspector chugs, stretched morphed scent, itching of cobalt of night-washed gin crunchy breath close to the smell but untouchable resin sheeting uncased tombed by a clasped reach, fingertips and mourning send me through the corridors of an empty sacrament, by the chapel, interspliced with neutured smiles, anaesthetised laughs.

© Copyright 2016 John Maher